What Can You Expect

HoodieOur commitment to you is that will provide you with a safe space to live, where you can make positive choices for your future.

We will work with you to build a plan that suits what you want to achieve. The step towards living independently may mean that you want support with budgeting skills or finding the college and/or jobs that’s right for you.

Supporting you to fulfil your aspirations is our goal. Building a team that consists of us, you and other agencies offering support will make that happen.


Each young person will have access to a professional qualified and experienced staff team. We offer:

  • Floating support and dedicated sleep-in support at night
  • Access to partnership agencies to promote positive outcomes for young people
  • Individual placement plan and risk assessment
  • Effective accurate recording and sharing of relevant information
  • One to one and group activities
  • Weekly house meal and meeting
  • Regular key work sessions
  • Practical and emotional support

We will work with you in an open and honest way. Building small step goals will enable you to achieve success. It’s your future, if you are unhappy with the way that something has been handled by the team then there is a complaints process. This means that you will be able to talk it though with the team, your social worker or another professional. You will have an information pack when you arrive, and this will give you some more details.

Weekly ley work sessions and a house meeting will always occur. We will also eat together during the house meeting, planning and preparing the meal together. It would be great if you were part of that as we can talk through how things are working out for everyone. The rest of the week is the independence package that will have been agreed with your social worker.


At Dynamic Youth we believe that all young people should receive a high quality of service from the team that they work with. We are determined that you receive this level of support from us.

You will regularly see someone at the home and one member of the team will sleep in at night. You will work with a particular member of the team on your plan and have key work sessions to check that you are both on track. The team will meet you before you move in to see if this house is the right one for you, and if we can offer the support that you need.

We will be respectful of you, and this means that we treat everyone equally and will not base our care on gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, nationality disability or race. We ask that you demonstrate the same respect to others. The house rules are simple, but everyone needs to stick to them otherwise it’s not going to be a great place to live. Some rules can be negotiated, and some cannot.

For example ; ‘no visitors unless agreed with the team’ can mean that once we get to know you then it’s okay to have a friend round for dinner, or a cup of coffee. Whereas ‘no drugs or alcohol to be brought into the home’ is non-negotiable, this can’t happen. This is the way that we like to work, discussion and agreement; it makes for a better place to live.