HandsThe provision of good quality, safe accommodation for young people 16 and 17 years of age is important to us. At Dynamic Youth Support Services we understand that life experiences for young people and families can be challenging. With a highly committed and skilled staff team we deliver creative and flexible programmes to develop the social and practical tools young people need to reach their potential.

Dynamic Youth Support Services Limited (DYSS) will promote positive opportunities for young people to engage with the local community; promoting    inclusion, participation and emotional resilience. The aspirations of young people will inform our supported living packages.

At Dynamic Youth Support Services we effectively work with unaccompanied asylum-seeking young people. By providing a safe environment and ongoing support we can enable young people to build community networks to promote inclusion and resilience.  This is a reflective, flexible and listening organisation that responds effectively to deliver excellent service. We consistently seek to work collaboratively with the young people, team and key stakeholders. A commitment to social justice and respect for cultural diversity means our role is to listen to the impact of change on young people; and provide an effective response.

With a strong desire to succeed we believe that integrated working with professionals and agencies ensures meaningful plans for young people. Empowering young people to make informed positive choices and reach their potential is supported by the every child matters agenda. Listening to young people’s wishes and feelings will underpin any plan. Delivering service excellence means providing care that works collaboratively with the young person. We maintain the young person at the centre of what we do.