Our accommodation offers shared and solo accommodation across the South West, including Gloucestershire, South Gloucestershire, North Somerset, BAINS and Avon & Somerset. We have the flexibility to provide floating support to providing support 24/7. All of our homes have sleep-in support at night, and support packages dependent on the level of need. Our robust matching and transition planning also enables us to respond to emergency requests for a small number of our placements.

Will support young people’s transition into adulthood. As part of our induction process we will meet each young person. To create a safe environment to meet individual need means ensuring that each home is the right place for each young person that lives there. We have a passionate commitment to enable and empower young people to promote positive outcomes.

Each home offers a bedroom with a key, separate communal lounge with a digital television. All kitchens have a fridge /freezer and washing machine with appropriate cooking equipment. Some of our homes have rear gardens with a patio and space to secure bicycles. Each home has WIFI and we will support young people with phone top-up each month as part of key work.

We are committed to ensuring that the young people’s voices are heard. There are regular key work sessions for young people and a weekly residents meeting. The residents meeting one evening a week creates an opportunity for young people and staff to prepare a meal together. Cooking a dish using fresh ingredients and sourcing local produce where possible means that a meal can become an expression of inclusivity and diversity. Celebrating traditions or marking events using food is an informal way of educating young people. It develops both social and independence skills in a relaxed atmosphere. Young people are offered this opportunity twice a week.

Empowering young people to make informed choices means ensuring that there is an open, honest and transparent forum for discussion. One to one and group work opportunities will be offered to facilitate this. Young people will have a clear understanding of the internal and external route for any complaints.

Using the ‘Building Strong Foundations’ transition to independence measurement tool each month we can evaluate measurable outcomes for young people .A key to this is building a solution focused small steps goal each month. Young people and their keyworker will discuss the hits and misses for the month. Working collaboratively, they will plan what needs to be achieved the following month, and what the risks are.