Privacy Policy

This privacy notice explains how we use any personal information we collect about you when you complete this consent form.

DYSS needs to collect and use certain types of information about the individuals who come into contact with us in order to carry on our work. This personal information must be collected and dealt with appropriately and there are safeguards to ensure this under the General Data Protection Regulation May 2018.

At DYSS we hold information about you:

  • Case notes such as key work sessions and nightly logs
  • Reports: progress, incident or accident reports we write
  • Forms you sign
  • Questionnaires you complete
  • Feedback you share with us
  • Photos we take of your work or you

At DYSS we may use your information several ways:

  • We are legally obliged to obtain and keep records of the paperwork you sign particularly if under 18
  • For safeguarding purposes in the event of an emergency, medical or otherwise.
  • To provide welcoming, safe accommodation, support and activities and house meetings and to provide a positive learning experience
  • To reimburse you if you have spent money attending an event on our behalf
  • To arrange and pay for travel and/or accommodation if you are attending an event on our behalf
  • To monitor the diversity of participants
  • To records the work we do and answer to inspectors and governing bodies

Your right to see our records:

You can ask to see our information about you at any time by asking the home manager. Your key worker will then arrange to meet with you and help you to access and read the information.
We will always check the identity of professionals before sharing information and we never use information about you for any other reason, unless we specifically ask your permission.

What information we might share:

  • We will update your social worker about your progress (reports)
  • Share any letters or warning we may write to you
  • We may talk to your family if they call or visit
  • Statutory services like the Policy if they are investigating a crime
  • Other services you work with such as careers advice
  • Individuals that inspect us

You have a say:

  • How much contact we have with your family and what information we may share with them
  • How much contact we have with your friends
  • If we want you to be a part of any project, we will always ask your permission to share information

We will share without your permission:

  • We will always need to share information with your social worker and with the Police or individuals who inspect us.
  • If we are worried you may be harmed, planning to commit an offence or planning to harms others, we will also share our concerns.
  • We can never agree to keep a secret.


DYSS will take photos of your work or projects and activities you are involved in as long as your identity remains hidden (we may include the back of your head in a photo). Photos will only be taken using work equipment.

We will use photos to capture the activities and work you do with us. We may also use photos we take and upload onto our website. If we wish to use photos where you can be identified, we will always ask for your permission.