Complaints Policy


At Dynamic Youth Support we respect and support the rights of Young people, their families, social workers and other professionals to raise concerns, issues or to make a complaint in respect of the care provided at James House. Consultation and participation in the way that James House operates and the support it provides to young people is a commitment from the Directors of Dynamic Youth. Any complaint will be investigated by the Director of Operations and/or the Responsible Individual within a 24 hour period.

Practice Standard

  • The complaints process is detailed in the Young Persons book
  • This process is detailed and available with a complaints form at James House
  • If a complaint cannot be investigated /resolved within 24 hours then a holding letter will be issued to the complainant explaining the reasons for this
  • Young people have the right for their voices to be heard and supported through any complaints process
  • House meetings and one to one sessions provide opportunities for discussion and resolution of issues
  • The resolution of any complaint must evidence an action plan to prevent a reoccurrence
  • Details of the complaint , resolution and outcome must be recorded with an accurate  timeline
  • The Young Persons handbook contains contact details to enable young people to contact their local authority , Children’s Commissioner for England and other relevant organisations if they feel that their complaint has not been resolved to their satisfaction

The Process

  1. Every effort will be made by the Director of Operations and /or Responsible Individual to deal with any issue/ concern/complaint informally. The complaint is recorded internally and a timeline is in place for the outcome. Any resolution that will fall outside of a 24 hour time period will be acknowledged.
  2. Indication by any party that this complaint requires a formal process then a complaint form is to be fully completed.
    - The Consultant Social Work Practitioner will act as an Investigating Officer, interview relevant parties and compile a report with recommendations to resolve the complaint within 21 days.
    - This report will detail the appeal process which must be lodged within 48 hours of receiving the report.
    - Any formal appeal received in writing will trigger an appeal panel of two independent persons and the Director of Operations (unless the D of O is the person being complained about) appointed within 7 days.
    - This review and its outcome will be provided to the relevant local authority, along with the initial report.
  3. If any complaint is deemed serious enough the Investigating Officer will inform relevant parties i.e. Local authority and Police