About Us

CommisionersAs Directors we have twenty years’ experience of an inclusive environment where young people can grow and develop to make a successful transition into adulthood. Working in a residential setting has informed the type of service that we wish to deliver. In March 2015 the Directors of Dynamic Youth working as a management team in a children’s home achieved an Ofsted Good ;across all areas following a full inspection. In one year we implemented a process of change and administration that provided the stability needed to make the shift from the homes previous Ofsted ‘Adequate’ rating. This demonstrates our strategic ability to maximise positive outcomes for young people. Building strong foundations for future successes means planning a package of support for young people leaving a children’s home that both, empowers and enables independence skills. At James House, this is what we provide.

Young people’s aspirations inform our supported living packages. We work effectively with young people, their families, where appropriate, and the team and key stakeholders to deliver creative and flexible programmes of support. This enables   young people to develop the social, emotional and behavioural tools needed for a successful adulthood. Our commitment to social justice and respect for cultural diversity means we effectively work with unaccompanied asylum seekers to meet cultural needs.

Excellent service delivered by a determined and motivated team. Our strength is the skillset of the team; underpinned by a successful record in youth work, community development, effective early intervention and residential care. Maintaining an environment that meets young people’s individual needs requires a skilled, reflective and professional staff team. Investing in the team’s ongoing professional development is our commitment to the young people that we work with.

In the following section there is the management structure and a summary of the teams working history. If you require any additional information please contact the Director of Operations steve.robertson@dynamicyouth.co.uk

Steve Robertson, Director of Operations, Leadership and Management Coach
MSc Social Work, BA (hons) Youth and Community Education Registered Social Worker

Steve successfully managed a children’s residential home with three young people and in March 2015 achieved an Ofsted Good in all areas following a full inspection. Steve has developed his professional skillset working with young people in a variety of settings during the last 18 years. A highly skilled and reflective practitioner Steve has taken a lead role in developing youth and informal educational provision for children between the ages of 10 and 21 years. Steve has a strong record of effectively working with young people in youth work, community development, early intervention and residential settings. A highly motivated and determined individual; Steve is passionate that young people’s voices are heard. Working collaboratively with the young people at James House Steve will develop robust, meaningful plans to support aspirations.

Anna Symonds, Responsible Individual, Safe working practices (Child Protection) Practice Development
MSc Social work ,BSc (hons)Social Policy Registered Social Worker

Anna has a strong working knowledge of residential care and ensuring that the correct processes are in place to develop effective practice .Anna effectively managed a JYIP Early Intervention Project for children 8 – 12 years of age and a ISYP Project for Young people 13 – 19 years of age Providing young people with a safe,nuturing environment where they can develop and grow undepins any work that Anna undertakes.

Louise Brannon, Housing Manager, Trainer, Workforce Development
BSc (hons) Psychology, L5 Leadership & Management L3 Training & Education 

Louise worked in statutory services for fifteen years within youth justice and for missing children.  Then in 2015 Louise provided a range of services for vulnerable individuals, supporting individuals to achieve independence through accommodation, supported housing and residential child care in line with government legislation and regulations.  Louise is adept at understanding and interpreting a range of inspections frameworks, is able to analyse data swiftly and offer organisations a range of improvement strategies.  Louise’s practice is based upon transparency and a fundamental desire to see young people achieve positive outcomes.